Ascension Investments is a start-up support & business angel firm for high potential ventures whether low or high-tech that respect certain criteria of evaluation, of "ethical perspective", "sustainability" and "radical innovation".

Seeking to speed the market penetration of valuable products and services, the team is composed of founders with substantial entrepreneurial background as well as consulting experience in a variety of industries and different regions. Business language is English but most European languages are spoken or understood to help management and international expansion.

Ascension works side by side with our global “value network” of “pointers and catchers” enabling us to reach I wide spectrum of knowledge and skills within a lot of industries. What often makes or brakes a start-up is its ability to drive deals in the relevant market place, next to competition, and understanding what the inherently the market demands for.

Ascension is not a about traditional “copy paste” consulting where fees are due upfront. It is about working with the team, understanding the risk issues and partaking in them like part-time executives or implicated co-entrepreneurs with the same motivation as the company founders. In that sense it is similar to coaching where the target is to get the best of the company, product and team.

Ascension is focused on growing equity value. Our earning policy is guided by the desire to assist management in its ascension and implies a likelihood of what is either called "equity compensation" or "sweat equity" or "stocks for services". We hardly operate on a strict scenario of the sort but expect in the second or third phase a study fee after our proposal if no equity remuneration is presented.

Ascension is a "plain talk" consultancy avoiding lengthy reports and complex business jargon unless necessary within contractual/legal/accounting areas. The purpose is to be listening and finding solutions with good status reports and operational advice as well as a network for skill and finance that can deliver.